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Artist-  Matthew Whitmer aka Choppa 



Baltimore, Maryland 




Some people like to pick their favorite design out of a book or online. That's ok and helps cut down on time used and expenses.  Other people want me to put together custom pieces. Prices range depending on the size and complexity of the design. Using my online resources, I will draw and design customized work specific to your requests. Organize as many ideas as you can and send pictures for reference. This will save time when i show up to your location to begin the actual tattooing process. Custom designs can be paid for with the deposit

via "Cash App" and "PayPal" when scheduling 

your appointment. 



 Hourly Sessions

Private tattoo sessions are available for about $50 per hour. I travel to your location, I setup my equipment then you prepay with your desired budget for the day. Design time and actual time tattooing are one in the same, the more complex the design, the longer it will take. I do my best to balance the price and actual work completed. Call ahead with ideas and custom requests to save time when i arrive for the actual tattooing process. Cash payments are accepted once i arrive however "Cash App" and "PayPal" are used for deposits and custom designs.


 Tattoo Parties

Do you want a tattoo artist at your next event or special occasion? Schedule me for a "Tattoo party" and we can setup and get to work. Large and custom pieces are not recommended for this setting. Flash designs and internet images usually work best to keep the line moving and satisfying as many people as we can. Price options and methods vary on the situation. I need a minimum of $300 to get started for up to 5 hours of work. It is up to the host of the party on whether that is paid up front themselves or by their guests for each piece they want. There is no guarantee how many people we can fit into a given session since my art is not to be rushed. Waivers are also available to release Companies and Properties from liability if you are renting a building or hall. 

Tips So We Can Work Better Together

* Since I will be traveling to your location I need a  peaceful, clean, quiet enviroment away from the crowds and distractions. It gets difficult to concentrate in some of the situations I've found myself in previously.


* Work is not to be rushed. If you want a larger piece, plan for it to be an all day  affair, often with multiple sessions for best results.


* Get your ideas together for the design, search online and send pictures for references. Whether it's a whole sleeve or just a single piece in a session, Getting everything as perfect as i can is the goal for every customer.


* Discuss your budget  with me prior to our appointment for each project. While trying to work with every budget, Know pricing reflects time spent and resources used. A $50 piece is just as important as a $1000 piece, however the methods being used will vary greatly. 

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Matthew Whitmer

aka Choppa  

Tattoo Artist

Phone: 443 803 5788


Choppa Block Ink started over 10 years ago, with a hope and a dream. I had no idea what I was getting myself into but I had a couple friends willing to get tatted and I went at it. I am self-taught and have had no formal training. After doing a few tattoos bouncing around to anyone crazy enough to let me ink them my work was actually starting to look good. I met my dude Rico and he rented out a room to me in his Barbershop, Sounds N Cuts in Essex, MD. I stayed there for a few months and moved into my own place taking my tattoo shop with me. I set up in my front room and started doing my own thing. I realize the reputation "independent shops" can carry and pride myself on my level of professionalism, cleanliness, and safety while working in the field. I love sharing the joy of tattoos with family and friends leaving my own legacy on everybody I Tattoo. 

Block 2011..... Miss you

Ink 2014..... Miss you too

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