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Artist-  Matthew Whitmer aka Choppa 




Baltimore, Maryland 

United States of America


A $50 non-refundable deposit will be necessary for all local tattoo appointments regardless of a private session or large party. This helps deter cancellations and also covers my traveling expenses to and from your location. Out of state traveling is also possible for reasonable compensation. Payments are accepted via "Cash App" and "PayPal"




Some people like to pick their favorite design out of a book or online. That's ok and helps cut down on time used and expenses.  Other people want me to put together custom pieces. Prices range depending on the size and complexity of the design, usually between $25 and $100. Using my online resources, I will draw and design customized work specific to your requests. Organize as many ideas as you can and send pictures for reference. This will save time when i show up to your location to begin the actual tattooing process. Custom designs can be paid for with the deposit

via "Cash App" and "PayPal" when scheduling 

your appointment. 



 Hourly Sessions

Private tattoo sessions are available for about $50 per hour. I travel to your location, I setup my equipment then you prepay with your desired budget for the day. Design time and actual time tattooing are one in the same, the more complex the design, the longer it will take. I do my best to balance the price and actual work completed. Call ahead with ideas and custom requests to save time when i arrive for the actual tattooing process. Cash payments are accepted once i arrive however "Cash App" and "PayPal" are used for deposits and custom designs.


 Tattoo Parties

Do you want a tattoo artist at your next event or special occasion? Schedule me for a "Tattoo party" and we can setup and get to work. Large and custom pieces are not recommended for this setting. Flash designs and internet images usually work best to keep the line moving and satisfying as many people as we can. Price options and methods vary on the situation. I need a minimum of $300 to get started for up to 5 hours of work. It is up to the host of the party on whether that is paid up front themselves or by their guests for each piece they want. There is no guarantee how many people we can fit into a given session since my art is not to be rushed. Waivers are also available to release Companies and Properties from liability if you are renting a building or hall. 

Tips So We Can Work Better Together

* Since I will be traveling to your location I need a  peaceful, clean, quiet enviroment away from the crowds and distractions. It gets difficult to concentrate in some of the situations I've found myself in previously.


* Work is not to be rushed. If you want a larger piece, plan for it to be an all day  affair, often with multiple sessions for best results.


* Get your ideas together for the design, search online and send pictures for references. Whether it's a whole sleeve or just a single piece in a session, Getting everything as perfect as i can is the goal for every customer.


* Discuss your budget  with me prior to our appointment for each project. While trying to work with every budget, Know pricing reflects time spent and resources used. A $50 piece is just as important as a $1000 piece, however the methods being used will vary greatly. 

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Orders placed  thru the above link will help support "Boys & Girls Clubs of America"  

Donate or reach out for resources to end the abuse of  women and their children here in Baltimore 

Donate here to help children in our community get the education they deserve

Exclusive Luxury Fashion Consultant for Brands:



Feri Mosh


Together We Can

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Do you have the resources to open your own boutique or Retail Outlet? 

I am currently searching for partners to build our stock and open Locations Across the United States

Contact me directly @ 443 814 4027 to discuss Investment Opportunities

We Have Exclusive 19K & 21K Gold Wedding Bands


Highest Quality Luxury Jewelry Available 



Choppa Block Ink

Luxury Consultant For Opulence Global 

Choppa Block Ink is now a Luxury Consultant for Opulence Global representing Canadas top designer brands; Posh, Feri, & Feri Mosh. With exclusive access and limited availability, shop today for the hottest Wedding bands, Jewelry, Purses, Shoes, Watches and more. Be one of the first to show off our handmade, Feri Mosh 19K Gold Bridal Collection engagement rings. Our processes now create solid 19K and 21K gold pieces previously unheard of in the jewelry industry. Our designs are inspired around the world most of which are made in Italy and stand high above the Competitions products found thru mainstream retail outlets.  A+, Better Business Bureau (BBB) rated, We define International Fashion. Let me walk you thru our process if you have any questions or difficulties with our online servers. It's my job to offer you a unique product and service unknown to most public affiliations. Online marketing, direct sales, and our exclusive product lines create a one of a kind  company that is proudly creating opportunities World Wide. 

Online Store is Temporarily Closed 

Please Browse and keep us in mind for the near future

Shop Our Products Below

* Payments accepted thru PayPal Online or Order with Cash in Person

*All orders are final once processed

*Shipping and Sales Tax not included in price shown below

*Free Shipping on all orders over $250

*Shipping may take slightly longer coming across International borders and thru Customs

Posh is our introductory line with beautiful jewelry pieces, sunglasses and  more ranging from $25 to $300...... 



Feri is luxury...... Silver, ceramic, jewelry, timepieces, shields, opticals, handbags, shoes and a wide assortment of mens and ladies Wedding Rings not available anywhere else...... 


Feri Mosh is our top of the line ultra luxury collections, including 19K & 21K gold, high quality diamonds, Wedding Rings, authentic python skin and alligator leathers......


Posh Designer Sunglasses

Our Introductory Line of Sunglasses, Luxury for every Budget

Feri Designer Shields

Exclusive, Luxurious High End Sunglasses, Made in Italy

Posh Designer Jewelry

Our Introductory Line of Jewelry, Luxury for every Budget

Posh Designer Watches

Our Introductory Line of Watches, Luxury for every Budget

Feri Designer Timepieces

Classic Stainless Steel construction, Swiss Movement, Sapphire Crystal Glass, Genuine Leather, & Genuine Stones

Feri - The President - Starting at $48,900


19K White, Yellow or Rose Gold, Black Ceramic & 349 Individual Premium Grade Diamonds

12 Lifetime Projects

I Recommend Traveling to our Showroom In Ontario, Canada and Meeting with our Management Team for an Investment this Large


Do you have the resources to help open our first retail outlet?  I entered this opportunity with no education, little support and no resources of my own. I refuse to give up on my dream of creating a residual income. Contact me directly at 443 803 5788 and lets get to work. 

Feri Mosh Wedding Bands

Solid 19K Gold Wedding Rings, Set with High Quality Diamonds and Genuine Stones......

Feri Sterling Silver Collections

Fine .925 Sterling Silver, & .950 Siledium jewelry, Set with AAA Cubic Zirconias & Genuine Stones


Feri Designer Shoes

Elegant Style, Handmade, Genuine Leathers, Ultimate Luxury


Feri Designer Handbag Collections

Stunning Designs, a wide array of  Leathers from "Day2Day" faux, to "Prestige" Genuine Python

Our Showroom is Located at

50 West Pearce St. Suite 200

Richmond Hill, Ontario


Considering a large investment? Take a trip to view our showroom in person


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